SECORA™ Learning


To provide the highest quality training and support services to educational leaders to the benefit of their communities, their schools, and most importantly, their students.

We develop innovative approaches to solve the toughest challenges for K-12 Schools and Institutions of Higher Education. We build long-term relationships with educational leaders and work closely together to implement sustainable solutions that deliver lasting educational benefits.


Improvement and Project Management 
Leadership and Change Management 
Lean Management
Data Driven Decision Making
Improvement Process Optimization
Program Development Support
High Impact Management Strategies
In-Service Training Opportunities
Grant Writing Assistance
Grant Evaluation Services


SECORA ™ Learning Workshops and Courses are innovate professional development activities designed to address systemic school improvement using evidence-based practices to improve the knowledge of teachers and administrators in instructional strategies and to support leadership development for teacher leaders, principals, and other school leaders to improve leadership capacity. They are aligned with ESSA Title II Part A requirements for use of funds for professional development.

SECORA Leadership Academy

Secora’s Problem solving methodology is customized for educators with acute focus on data - driven decision making, detailed process examination, and solution implementation . With universally accepted Lean Six Sigma as a foundation, Secora’s curriculum is a results - oriented system meant to deliver sustainable solutions while providing a common methodology for process management within the school environment.

SECORA School Improvement Series

SECORA ™ Learning curriculum modified to be delivered over the course of a semester. During each Professional Development day, teachers and administrators will receive instruction on the steps to eliminate Institutional and Instructional Waste. Upon completion of the semester, the attendees will have progressed from problem identification, outlining current - state issues, to implementation of  sustainable solutions.

SECORA  Workshops

Special topic workshops designed to address unique school needs through SECORA ™ Learning techniques.

These workshops  introduce time-tested, effective leadership and management strategies from the corporate world to educators with a focus on providing training and support for decision making practices that are effective, efficient, impactful, and sustainable.